Computer Deconstruction Laboratory - The Jersey Shore Makerspace

Computer Deconstruction Laboratory - The Jersey Shore Makerspace

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Welcome to the Computer Deconstruction Lab (CDL), formerly known as the Institute for Exploratory Research (IXR). We are a Makerspace and Podcast Studio down the Jersey Shore. Below is a picture of our front door (night time) behind the fence of InfoAge/Camp Evens. When we're open the main gate is open. And we have plenty of parking.


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CDL is open on Mondays nights and most Saturdays and Sundays! Give us a call on 732-456-5001 before your visit to make sure!

All visitors to the makerspace are required to mask as per the State of New Jersey requirements and maintain appropriate social distancing while in the building

Picture of CDL/IXR Building

CDL (Computer Deconstruction Lab) is a 501.3c non-profit Makerspace and podcasting studio for the Jersey Shore, located at the InfoAge Science and History Learning Center. We are an open collective of geeks, artists, and techie-creative-types who come together to share tools, resources, knowledge, and ideas.

We embrace the sharing of ideas and innovation, and that includes open source hardware and software. We also host workshops and run classes on a myriad of topics. CDL and is open to the public, Walkins are welcome. A donation of $20 is suggested if you stay and participate. We do have yearly membership as well.

Github Projects

There will be more here as the membership grows.

Picture of CDL/IXR Lab

Our CDL boasts a lab space with various equipment and despite being a bit disorganized contains a great many tools and equipment for working on electronic projects. At the moment we have 6 3D printers and lots of tools.

Picture of the CDL Podcast Studio

The CDL Podcast Studio. A complete podcast studio. We have upgrade various equipment but I don't have pictures yet. Someday I hope to have a makerspace podcast running.

Picture of the CDL Classroom

The CDL Classroom, dedicated to Nick Lordi's wife.

CDL was once known as IXR (Institute for eXploratory Research) but changed the name. Long story short, we changed the name. ;-)

A map for the InfoAge Campus (CDL is in #11, Building 9059)